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Even though hurricane impact windows and doors manufacturers build for protection against hurricanes and other related natural disasters, resistant doors and windows also offer you 24-hour theft protection and security. Windows manufacturers use a PVB interlayer, sealed between two layers of glass, which allows for strong binding, optical clarity, and tough adhesion. Furthermore, during missile testing to certify the product as impact resistant, this glass interlayer has to resist impacts with a piece of lumber traveling at 34 mph and it cannot be penetrated. Our Construction we offer the Impact windows Broward

Hurricane Protection using Resistant Glass, for this reason, our impact resistant products serve as a protective barrier against windstorms, wind-borne debris, and can also protect your home against burglary. Since Laminated impact glass is extremely hard to break, them impact window make it difficult for thieves to enter, which gives your alarm system or yourself enough time to contact law enforcement. However, keep in mind that our laminated impact products do not offer 100% protection against breaking and entering, but they do present a challenge to burglars.e your paragraph here.

How to Get Energy Efficiency?

Since standard windows are not energy efficient they provide little insulation, which causes greater heat flow. However, our impact windows and doors are built using a PVB interlayer sealed between two layers of glass. PVB is a chemical resin that adheres to the two glasses for strong binding and insulation. This interlayer reduces the thermal conduction of glass, and consequently increases its insulating capability. Impact Glass Windows Manufacturers can help you select the appropriate window systems to achieve great energy savings.


The word noise generally refers to unwanted sounds like that of your neighbor’s afternoon trumpet practices. Noises of this kind are unwelcome and therefore need to be minimized or eliminated altogether. Impact windows manufacturers believe your home should be a sanctuary, a place to rest and be in peace. So if you find the external noises around your home too distracting, it is time to make a permanent change. See Single Hung

Commonly known as storm windows, impact windows not only protect your home from hurricanes, but they also help reduce external noises. This is accomplished through the use of laminated impact glass. The glass has a chemical resin interlayer that reduces outside noise by up to 40%. EcoGuard, (our brand as Impact Windows Manufacturers) laminated impact resistant doors and windows series are an ideal solution if you live near a busy traffic intersection or the noise from your neighbor’s lawn mower wakes you from your peaceful sleep.


If you are tired of seeing the bright colors in your carpet and your wood varnish fade away in areas of your home that are exposed to sunlight, then it is time to contact impact windows manufacturers and replace your windows. By installing storm resistant windows from reliable impact windows manufacturers, you will no longer have to close your curtains and turn on all your lights. This is a temporary solution that deprives you of natural lighting and increases your electricity bill. Not many people know this, but hurricane windows and doors provide up to 99% UV protection.

High impact windows are effective sun blocker to protect your property and home, from damaging UV rays.
Our windows and doors act as a sun barrier to protect you from UV light while still allowing your home to enjoy the benefits of natural lighting. With different glass tints to choose from, our impact windows will preserve the interior of your home and any valuable furniture and decorations that would otherwise be subject to discoloration. This benefit is especially important for Florida residents who enjoy beautiful sunshine almost all year round. Impact glass windows comes in different glass tints that can decrease visibility from the outside and create more privacy


Many insurance companies recognize the installation of impact-resistant doors and windows from certified windows manufacturers for insurance discounts. When all openings in your home are protected by our impact resistant windows and doors you can be eligible for a premium discount of up to 40%. If you are not sure your insurance company offers discounts you should contact your insurance agent before making any purchases. However, keep in mind that according to the Florida Statute 627.0629 for residential properties, all insurance companies are required to provide homeowners with insurance discounts if their homes are protected against windstorms, effectively.

“It is the intent of the Legislature that insurers provide savings to consumers who install or implement windstorm damage mitigation techniques, alterations, or solutions to their properties to prevent windstorm losses. A rate filing for residential property insurance must include actually reasonable discounts, credits, or other rate differentials, or appropriate reductions in deductibles, for properties on which fixtures or construction techniques demonstrated to reduce the amount of loss in a windstorm have been installed or implemented (Florida Statute 627.0629 for homeowners).”

All of Our products have been designed and tested to comply with the requirements of the Florida Building


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